7 Tips For Getting A Great Haircut


If you are like many women, you have probably gotten a few bad haircuts in your life. Whether your hair stylist cut your hair too short or put too many layers in, a bad haircut can kill your self-confidence and make you want to wear a hat until your hair grows back. However, if you take a few precautions, you can avoid getting a bad haircut again. Here are seven helpful tips for getting a great haircut:

13 December 2016

Intimate Male Waxing: 5 Embarrassing Questions Technicians Need To Answer


It's no longer only women who opt for intimate grooming treatments. An increasing number of American men now like intimate wax treatments, but potential male clients may have several key questions they need you to answer before they will let you loose on their bodies. Even if you have been trained and feel confident in this procedure, make sure you can confidently answer the five following awkward questions. Will it hurt?

30 November 2015