4 Interesting Reasons To Attend Skincare Training School


Do you have an interest in cosmetology? If so, you likely know that there are a variety of career options to choose from. Skincare is one option, and it can be a lucrative and rewarding career path. Skincare professionals are often referred to as estheticians. They help their clients manage their skin, and they can also provide services such as waxing and eyebrow coloring. The following points identify a few of the advantages of pursuing an education in skincare.

25 May 2022

5 Indicators That Bridal Makeup Artistry May Be For You


Do you have what it takes to become a bridal makeup artist? This lucrative career choice can be a path to being your own boss and doing work that makes you and others happy. But how can you know if this is the right call for you? Here are five indicators that you might be a great wedding makeup artist. 1. You Can Get the Training While not every makeup artist must have formal training, it will serve you well to build a solid foundation.

16 December 2021

What To Know About Nail Tech Continuing Education


In the United States, the beauty industry has a market size of $42.8 billion, with nail shops accounting for a 15.9% share of that market value. When you want your piece of this pie, you need to learn how to take your career into your own hands. Education is the way to do this. Whether you specialize in French manicures or different colorful styles, consider the points below to figure out how continuing education opportunities can help and how you can take advantage of them.

27 September 2021

Beauty School: What You Can Expect To Learn


If you want to become a cosmetologist, then you should enroll in beauty school. There is helpful information here that can explain what beauty school will be like for you. Here are examples of some of the things you will learn in beauty school. You will learn all about hair Once you start going to beauty school, you will learn so many different things about hair. These will all be important lessons because once you start working in the field, you want to be able to help everyone with their hair-related needs.

29 December 2020

What Will You Learn In Massage School?


Massages can restore the body and mind. They can soothe sore muscles and ease away stress. Anyone can give an amateur back rub, but true massage is a skill that takes time to master. A massage school will impart the knowledge you need to succeed in the field of massage. It will also give you the opportunity to practice your skills on real people, under the watchful eye of massage instructors.

30 July 2020

Finding Your Next Career: What You Will Learn In A Cosmetology Program


Whether you are just starting out in the work force, or you are looking for a new career, you can complete a cosmetology program within a year if you attend full time. You will learn much more than simple hair cutting and styling when you attend a complete beauty school program. You will learn nail care techniques, the art of coloring hair, how to give perms, how to set hair, and the proper way to blow dry.

7 March 2017

7 Tips For Getting A Great Haircut


If you are like many women, you have probably gotten a few bad haircuts in your life. Whether your hair stylist cut your hair too short or put too many layers in, a bad haircut can kill your self-confidence and make you want to wear a hat until your hair grows back. However, if you take a few precautions, you can avoid getting a bad haircut again. Here are seven helpful tips for getting a great haircut:

13 December 2016